Know Your Destination 

At Buffamante Whipple Buttafaro, P.C. in Western New York, our approach is one that considers your business success as a journey, helping clients to navigate their way through smooth sailing or rough waters while continuously helping to maintain profitability for generations to come. At the core of this commitment to you, is the combination of strategic and tactical support in all of our services.

We provide three distinct services when producing financial statements: audit, review and compilation—all of which we design to meet the specific needs of your business.


Assess Your Risks

At BWB, we base our audits on a risk-based approach—seeking to understand your operations on a deeper level so that we can better assess high-risk areas early on. In doing this, we set the course for the most effective, quality audit possible. We maximize your audit by minimizing interruption of your internal operations and at the same time, create opportunities for enhanced management letter comments that provide added value to your audit.


Examine the Opportunities

At BWB, we train our staff to examine facts and figures and the implications of each transaction. We look for possibly overlooked trends so we can identify opportunities to increase the profitability and effectiveness of your organization. And rest assured—you’ll receive principal involvement by talented, experienced professionals who will commit to getting to know your business on an intimate level to help you make informed management decisions.


Chart Your Course

After an in-depth and accurate look at your business, we’ll compile meaningful and informative financial statements. We know that you base vital business decisions on these statements. We also know that not all companies require financial statements with the same degree of assurance. At BWB, we go beyond simply meeting your basic financial reporting needs. We assure you will receive the most comprehensive and current financial analysis and presentation.